Re-designing a Novel

NeedsMoreWorkIt means you need to suck it up and re-write them!

In the case of my novel, Through the Door, this means a lot of hard work has been added to the book to-do list. More research, more brainstorming, more organization. I will do the work to tell a better story.

I love the characters, the plot and the story. So it’s a bummer that I’m mentally ready to move on and work on the second novel. I have reigned myself in and not allowing myself to think about it, make notes about it, etc.

I’m learning a LOT writing this novel.  The most important lesson is to make sure you outline more details and organize things tightly, so you do not lose your way in the midst of the chaos. I believe that if I had more details planned out that I would be finished with the writing and working on the editing. Sigh…

Truth be told, the major hold up is me. I can’t make up my mind how the story is going to end. I had an ending but it was WAY too corny and sweet. I liked it, but then I love corny. Or ‘corn’, as my BFF and I call it. It has been over a year considering options and tweaking scenes here and there. The 70,000 word monster needs editing badly, and it’s author is ready to get to it.

As soon as she commits to an ending…